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The accentbest TV channels. Thousands of movies and series.

450+ channels in a single subscription 74uah/month

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450+ channels in a single subscription 74uah/month

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450+ channels in a single subscription 74uah/month

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What is the advantage of ?
One subscription for all your devices!

Subscription and quality access wherever you are, from any device – set-top box, iOS or Android, or Smart TV.

450 channels at your disposal!

Favorite movies, news and sports, various TV shows and TV channels for adults and children. Everything you like to watch is now with you all the time!

High-quality Full HD & 4K

High quality and clear reproduction of any content thanks to high bitrate!

About us offers the best and largest selection of TV channels

Ukrainske.TV is a modern provider of television via the Internet offering many channels in various categories: educational, film, sports, and national, for children and adults. TV channels can be watched in different languages: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, English, German, and many others.
*The list of TV channels may vary depending on the region.

Buy Ukrainian - support Ukraine!

The team has been working in the TV market for over 15 years. The company owns the right to retransmit television channels according to IPTV technology. Today, the company has not only hundreds of dealers but most importantly – tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Thanks to the latest technology it is possible to avoid constant problems and quickly switch channels. The company has more than ten servers in different locations, so the content will be delivered to different parts of the world in seconds.

Subscription to channel package
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Over 450 Channels
12 Month
Discount -25%

74 UAH Per month

Benefit 300uah

Over 450 Channels
6 Month / 529uah
  • Over 450 TV channels
  • FullHD & 4К quality
  • Live recording 5 days
  • View on 2 devices
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Free test 24 hours
Do you have questions?
Free test view. How to get?

The test view is available for new users for free. It can be activated in your personal account, but before you need to register in the system. Test login is provided for users within 24 hours after registration.

In which country is available?

The company provides IPTV services in Ukraine, Moldova, the European Union, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Brazil, and other countries. Today, during the war, the company does not provide services in Russia, Belarus and China. The lists of channels change and differ depending on the legislation of the country, in which the broadcast is going on.

How to pay for the selected subscription?

Subscriptions can be paid to the user's account. Payment is made by Visa/MasterCard (EUR, USD, UAH) and cryptocurrency (bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, tether, Tron).

What do you need to connect? What devices are suitable?

IPTV-TV can be connected with the help of the Internet and a smart device. Such a device can be a TV with Smart-TV or Android support, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, a set-top box on Android or AppleTV, personal computer.
Another opportunity to watch TV is through our website. An online player is available in your account. Our consultants are ready to provide you with quality support or necessary advice on equipment setup at any time. It will only take 10 minutes.

Support. Help with setup

Every day from 8:00 to 20:00, our specialists are ready to help you set up your equipment so that you can get high-quality TV.

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